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Robert George Artworks Suffolk Artist

"A publishing career gave me the first insight into the world of modern art".

Time attending St Martin's life classes, further fuelled my desire to create. These early passions continue to drive my enthusiasm to paint.

Robert George

Having spent most of my career in Printing and Publishing, I found myself in the unique position, of observing the creativity and mechanics of creating the printed page. I attended St Martin’s school of art and also The London College of Printing, which gave me knowledge in both Letterpress and Lithographic printing processes.

Art history and the lives of artists has always fascinated me, and I revere the modern artists who worked in Paris between 1900 and 1910. i.e. Picasso, Braque, Modigliani etc. Colour is of prime importance in my art-works and where as I would never slavishly copy works by the Fauves, I am in no doubt that their influence manifests itself in many of my paintings. Should I be fortunate enough to receive commissions, I will give of my best to produce works worthy of those artists mentioned above.

Robert George Artworks Felixstowe